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AGI Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Scheme

Once trained and qualified in any profession it used to be possible to sit back and just work away at any encountered problem.

But GI, in particular, is constantly changing. You need to keep abreast of these changes and expand your knowledge to maintain professional status, both in the eyes of the public and your colleagues. Rapid developments in technology, increased competition, and the opening of new markets for GI skills have placed even greater emphasis on the need to be well informed and professionally competent. CPD must not only address current needs but also look to aid in any future roles you may be asked to undertake. You must take responsibility for the continuing assessment satisfaction of your own professional needs, making use of available help and resources at your disposal. Increasingly employers now expect employees to take professional development seriously and taking on this responsibility can create a valuable professional differentiator between you and your peers who are not pursuing CPD. 

CPD points are collected by engaging in a huge range of activities both within and without your organisation throughout the year. Be assured that CPD points are not just allocated to events and training courses. Nor are they purely given for activity outside your place of work. Professional development 'on the job' carries significant importance. Building a CPD record can be a flexible and rewarding activity that is shaped around you and your own needs. Furthermore many third party events and activities are already registered for AGI CPD points making it easy to quantify and record the right number of CPD points in your personal records.

What's more, AGI is here to help. We can advise YOU on what activities and training in qualify for CPD points and in what amount. Plus for those seeking a structured and certified approach we offer our own official AGI CPD scheme!  

The AGI CPD scheme offers a way of recording your attendance at training courses, your maintaining of knowledge and your awareness of on-going technology.   At the end of each year, you will receive an official AGI certificate confirming your CPD record for that year.   And now for no charge to AGI members.   For further details, click the link on the left-hand menu. 

How the scheme works

  1. Members must register for the scheme.  AGI members can register for the scheme here .
  2.  AGI will issue an Annual CPD Record spreadsheet to each member of the scheme upon registration.
  3. Scheme members update the Annual CPD Record spreadsheet throughout the year.  Members are encouraged to record as wide a variety of activities as possible, provided that they can make a case for their relevance to Geography or to the member's career as a GI professional.  Activities do not have to have prior certification, but can be given AGI CPD points retrospectively.  For information about the type of activities might be considered relevant and suitable for recording, and what number of points could be allocated, please check the AGI CPD guidelines here.
  4. AGI will keep a record of attendance at each AGI event which has points allocated.  CPD Certificates for individual events can be issued to those who wish to have them, but members can also choose to just record attendance on their CPD spreadsheet, as the AGI will be able to cross-reference the two sets of records for verification.
  5. Many external events will also have official accreditation of CPD points.  Attendees at these events can be certain of that level of points allocation.  Other events, without AGI accreditation,  can still be entered onto the CPD form but the number of points cannot be guaranteed.  
  6. CPD points are not just allocated to events and training courses. They are given for any activity, formal or otherwise, that enhances your GIS skills.
  7. At the end of each calendar year, scheme members should submit their Annual CPD Record spreadsheet for review by the AGI by emailing it to Carle Baxter.  This should be done by the end of January of the following year.  Supporting evidence will not be required in most cases, but will be requested if the details of an activity need to be clarified for the purposes of allocating the appropriate level of points or for confirmation of attendance at a non-AGI event, for example. Irrespective of your date of joining, please return the annual CPD record for a calendar year, or part thereof, by the end of the following January at the latest.  Otherwise we cannot validate your record.
  8. AGI will certify the Annual CPD Record and return it along with an Annual Certificate of CPD Attainment to the scheme member.  The Annual Certificate will show the total number of CPD points awarded to the scheme member for the calendar year.

CPD should be a lifelong activity, essential to the maintenance of standards, competence and knowledge.  It is a valuable investment for you and your employers.  The AGI is pleased to offer independent CPD verification as a key benefit for our members. 


Rules for AGI CPD Points Allocation

The AGI recognises that each individual registered for the AGI CPD Scheme has different interests and experiences, and that in some cases the allocation of CPD points needs to be determined through discussions with the AGI.

However there are many instances where points can be allocated based upon some straight-forward rules. These are typically related to common activities that many individuals get involved in, for example, conference attendance or taking training courses.

Click on the link below to see our list of CPD allocation rules. Remember if in any doubt, please contact us.

AGI CPD Allocation Rules (PDF)


AGI Continuing Professional Development Action Working Group

As part of the AGI operational plan for 2012, a CPD AWG was set up. The aim of the group is as follows:
AIM: to bring focus to expanding the CPD programme through increasing the range of services offered to members and strengthening the association between all our membership services and activity with the CPD scheme. For more information about this group, please click here.