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AGI Council is formed from elected members of the AGI, and its main role is to set the strategic direction for the organisation. To do this, members use their own knowledge and experience, as well as consulting with the wider membership. All Council members are also appointed as company directors of the AGI.

Council members are elected for a three-year term, with a third of Council positions available for election each year. Council members are elected by the entire AGI membership, except for the regional representatives of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, who are elected only by those members whose main contact address is in that region.

Council elects four office bearers from its body of 15:

  • Chair
  • Senior Vice Chair
  • Honorary Secretary
  • Treasurer

A senior member of the AGI Team is invited to attend all Council meetings (around six each year). A sub-group of AGI Council, the AGI Executive Group, meets monthly to oversee AGI operational matters.

Key areas of Council responsibility

Council has the following key areas of responsibility:

  • Set AGI policy
  • Ensure that the AGI performs its legal duties
  • Ensure that the AGI is appropriately financially managed
  • Ensure that the AGI is adequately resourced
  • Ensure that the AGI is kept informed of developments in the UK regions and in Europe that will have an impact on AGI policy
  • Actively support the promotion of the AGI
  • Maintain the AGI constitution
  • Supports portfolios for membership development, European topics, and the AGI Annual Events programme.

Council Terms of Reference

The purpose of the Council is to govern the AGI in accordance with the Articles of Association, including managing the business, controlling the Association, and allocating resources.

Standing for Council

The AGI can only function with the commitment and guidance provided by AGI Council, and the contribution made my members is therefore crucial to the AGI's success. As well as providing input to the running of the AGI, serving on Council provides members with excellent professional development and networking opportunities. 

Council elections are held annually and information on standing and voting is circulated in advance to all current AGI members.

More information about the role of members of AGI Council is available, and anyone who is interested in finding out more is encouraged to contact the AGI Chair or any current AGI Council Member.


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