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AGI Partners contribute significantly to our continued success, and the level of member benefits they receive reflects this. Their contribution to the AGI is far more than financial, encompassing advice, volunteer time and other resources.

Esri UK
With the largest pool of GIS expertise nationwide, ESRI (UK) has the ability to offer innovative and market-leading solutions with the potential to transform organisations through the power of geography. It's what we call 'Visionary Thinking'. As a Partner Member of the AGI, we are seeking to focus more and more people from the public and private sectors on a vision of the future which promotes sustainable business growth. In the right hands, GIS technology delivers real world solutions to real world problems.

Ordnance Survey  

As Britain's National Mapping Agency, we create, maintain and distribute the most accurate and up-to-date geographic information of Great Britain. Whilst we might be best known for our paper maps, electronic mapping data actually accounts for around 90% of our business. Visit our business pages on our website to find out more about our digital products, especially our flagship product, OS MasterMap®.

Land Registry

Land Registry is the government department created in 1862 to register the ownership of land and property in England and Wales. We keep and maintain the Land Register, where more than 23 million titles – the evidence of ownership – are documented.Once land or property is entered in the register we record any ownership changes, mortgages or leases that affect it.

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Land and Property Services

Land & Property Services (LPS) collect, process and manage land and property information, which underpins the collection of rates, in support of the Executive's commitment to economic and social development in Northern Ireland.



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