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AGI Foresight 2020

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jhgljgThe AGI Foresight Report 2020 gives insight into the issues we believe will have a significant impact on our economy, environment and society over the next five years. The purpose of the Report is to both observe and challenge the current role of Geographic Information (GI) in relation to these issues.

The Report highlights five key themes that are of relevance not only to the GI industry, but to anyone with a vested interest in how technology and information will change our world and businesses in the next five years. These five themes – Open, Big Data, BIM and Future Cities, innovative technologies and policy – form the backbone of our Report, bringing together papers from experts across industries and disciplines.

They show that the GI community can, and must, play a big part in helping us to understand and maximise benefits from these areas, and meet head on the challenges and opportunities the next five years will bring.

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AGI Foresight 2020 Summary

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AGI Foresight 2020 Launch Presentation

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