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The Events Action Working Group (AWG) was formed at the end of 2013 to lead the AGI Event Programme throughout 2014. This programme included 'Geo: The Big 5 Event Series' (including the GeoCom conference), providing advice to AGI Groups looking for event support, and looking at event opportunities for AGI corporate members.

AGI Council approved the remit of the Events Action Working Group in March 2014.

The Events AWG, through means of a mandate, looks to provide the AGI with:

• A theme (annually refreshed) by which a structured series of events can be curated to further the
purpose of the AGI as a whole,

• A profitable event series, in collaboration with relevant AGI Groups, that enhances the reputation 
of the AGI as a whole (loosely described as formal events)

• A framework through which AGI Groups are enabled to produce individual events that also work to
 enhance the reputation of the AGI as a whole (loosely described as informal events)

• An annual conference that enhances the reputation of the AGI, reinforces the theme, and the
content provided through-out the year


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