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AGI Cymru

AGI Cymru is a national sub-group of the Association for Geographic Information (AGI). Representing a wide diversity of interest and experience. We aim to promote the development of the use of Geographic Information in Wales by encouraging improvements in standards and providing training and networking opportunities through events, seminars and conferences.

The Steering group gives us the chance to:

  • Give Wales a voice within the AGI
  • Address Wales specific issues such as: Language, Rurality, Economic development
  • Develop, monitor and 'own' the GI Strategy for Wales
  • Develop an annual programme of events in Wales culminating in the Annual Conference
  • Pick up and respond to Welsh issues e.g. consultations

Our strength is bringing together a diversity of interest and experience for the benefit of GI in Wales. We act as a focus for the GI Community in Wales and as a resource upon which the GI community can call. 

Please come and talk to us as we welcome contact from others, so that we can take your ideas and aspirations forward. We want AGI Cymru to be truly representative. 

We are an active group of like-minded people who want to see GI go mainstream in Wales.

We do welcome new members (participating or corresponding) who are committed to sharing our vision and to move GI forward in Wales. For information please email AGI Cymru's current chair This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Tel: +44 (0)20 7591 3116