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AGI Scotland

AGI Scotland is a sub-group of AGI focused on the interests of the geographic information community in Scotland. It has its own committee which promotes the aims of the AGI within the Scottish context and co-ordinates activities with the national body.

The objectives of AGI Scotland are:

  • to promote awareness on GI and how it could benefit the citizen, commerce and good governance within Scotland
  • to gain access to Scottish and UK governments
  • to bring together people with an interest in GI within Scotland
  • to tune and deliver membership benefits to Scottish members
  • to encourage AGI membership at the grass roots level within Scotland

AGI Scotland (AGI-S) sit on the Scottish Government Spatial Information Board (SIB) in an advisory capacity and have a long running relationship working with the Scottish Government. In 2014, feedback from the AGI Scotland member consultation was presented to SIB and AGI-S recommendations will feed into this ongoing dialogue.

In addition to representing member views, AGI-S actively work to provide development and networking opportunities to Scottish members. This includes through the provision of an annual one day event and seminars throughout the year.

AGI-S sponsors the University of Edinburgh EEO Seminar Series. All members are welcome to attend these events, which can see audiences up to 60+. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn about different areas of geospatial, in addition to promoting networking between professionals and post-graduate students.

AGI-S supports the work of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) and is working to build stronger links on shared areas of interest.


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