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AGI Scotland is a sub-group of AGI focused on the interests of the geographic information community in Scotland. It has its own committee which promotes the aims of the AGI within the Scottish context and co-ordinates activities with the national body.

The objectives of AGI Scotland are:

  • to promote awareness on GI and how it could benefit the citizen, commerce and good governance within Scotland
  • to gain access to Scottish and UK governments
  • to bring together people with an interest in GI within Scotland
  • to tune and deliver membership benefits to Scottish members
  • to encourage AGI membership at the grass roots level within Scotland

AGI Scotland (AGI-S) sit on the Scottish Government Spatial Information Board (SIB) in an advisory capacity and have a long running relationship working with the Scottish Government. In 2014, feedback from the AGI Scotland member consultation was presented to SIB and AGI-S recommendations will feed into this ongoing dialogue.

In addition to representing member views, AGI-S actively work to provide development and networking opportunities to Scottish members. This includes through the provision of an annual one day event and seminars throughout the year.

AGI-S sponsors the University of Edinburgh EEO Seminar Series. All members are welcome to attend these events, which can see audiences up to 60+. They provide an excellent opportunity to learn about different areas of geospatial, in addition to promoting networking between professionals and post-graduate students.

AGI-S supports the work of the Royal Scottish Geographical Society (RSGS) and is working to build stronger links on shared areas of interest.

You can also keep up to date with AGI Scotland via: 

Twitter: @AGIScotland

Upcoming Events & Activities: 

Geospatial Commission and Scotland

Would you be willing to share your insights with us, please?

 AGI and Scottish Government are hosting a discussion on the Geospatial Commission’s forthcoming consultation. We’ll be focusing in particular on the priorities for Scotland – and we would like to hear your views.

“Using geospatial data more effectively may deliver up to £11bn per annum in benefits for the private sector, and this means there’s a huge opportunity for Scotland’s economy…”

 The session will aim to raise awareness of the Commission’s scope and ambitions. It will be a moderated briefing, free of charge, and we’ll also be canvassing your thoughts on future use of geospatial information across Scotland – challenges and opportunities.

More information, including the application process, is available here. 

Recent Events & Activities: 

27 February 2018 - AGI Scotland's Annual Event 

This year's event saw a record-breaking turnout! We welcomed an impressive 150 delegates, 18 fantastic speakers and were supported by 8 excellent sponsors.

Bruce Gittings, AGI Scotland Chair, said "in the near twenty years we have been organising an annual event for Scotland's geospatial community this had the highest attendance". 

This year's event had a dual theme; GI applications, where participants got a focused update on the latest innovation and developments in GI in Scotland and beyond, led by a highly graphical keynote by Joann Russell from Historic Environment Scotland.  The second theme involved data, security and ethics, with talks ranging from the issues involved in data dissemination to preparation for the 2021 Census, with Don Smith from Dell SecureWorks worrying everyone in the room as to the extent of malicious threats coming from around the world.  A full agenda can be downloaded here.

 ( + photos from the day are available here)

AGI-Scotland Geospatial Emerging Talent Initiative 

The AGI-Scotland’s Geospatial Emerging Talent Initiative brings budding geospatial professionals and ambitious businesses together, preparing individuals for a career in our industry and energising the workplace with enthusiasm and new ideas.

- For aspiring geospatial professionals, this is a great way to test-drive a new career, gaining hands-on experience and valuable insights into the practical applications for geospatial in the workplace.

- For ambitious businesses (inc. the third and public sector), this is an ideal way to identify new talent; to increase capacity; and to develop projects while nurturing the next generation of geospatial employees.

Our Geospatial Emerging Talent Initiative also offers direct access to the best contact points in universities and colleges for businesses with a nascent or new placement scheme.


• Get work experience before finishing a degree
• Apply theory to practice in a live situation
•Test-drive different jobs or career paths
•Get support from a geospatial mentor
•Start building your professional network

• Scout for new talent among Scotland’s finest geospatial students
• Mentor aspiring new geospatial professionals
• Raise your business’s profile among the next generation of employees
• Complete tasks or research, get projects underway, explore endless possibilities!


Students:  Join the AGI (it’s FREE membership while you’re still in further education). Then ask your lecturers and programme organisers to get involved. It’s that easy. Join here today (please ensure to provide proof of your current student status to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Businesses: If you’re in industry, government or the third sector, and want to find out more about what’s involved in offering a placement, then our university and college contacts will be happy to hear from you directly.

For more information and details of who to contact, our Geospatial Emerging Talent PDF is available to download below: 


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Tel: +44 (0)20 7591 3116