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Asset Management

The Asset Management SIG aims to enable to promote cross-sector networking, skills transfer, sharing best practices and lessons learnt within the following disciplines: Location Analytics, Mapping, Geospatial Information Management and Data Visualisation for Physical Asset Management.

The scope of the SIG takes the application of Asset Management beyond Utilities and Telecoms.  This allows common themes, working regimes and enabling technologies to be shared across a range of sectors including Rail, Highways, Utilities, Power and Telecoms.

We reconise that asset management is a cross discipline subject, taking in both geospatial, data, information systems and information technology skills. The SIG is interested in the cross-over of these skills within organisations.  Examples of common activities where Geospatial and Location Solutions are central are: Asset Management Systems (AMS)-GIS integration, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)-GIS integration, Master Data Management (MDM), Mobility and asset tracking.  If you are a GIS Professional, why not invite your IT / IS colleagues to one of our events!

Themes / activities

Current Asset Management SIG themes include operational awareness, maintenance planning, logistics, improving operational efficiencies, facility management and works management.

Get Involved

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are only as good as the input from their members. We need you help to drive this SIG. So, if you use or manage Geographic Information Systems (GIS), web and mobile mapping or geospatial information for any of the following topics and sectors, below, then get involved! 

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What is the scope of themes we want to cover?

Physical Asset Management
Infrastructure Asset Management
Buried Services
Linear Referencing Systems (LRS)
Network Modelling / Schematics
Critical Infrastructure Protection / Risk Management
Work and Asset Management Systems (WAMS)
Work Order Management solutions
Enterprise resource planning (ERP)
ERP / AMS-GIS integration (e.g. IBM Maximo, SAP)
Mobile working / mobility
Asset collection and management solutions
Street furniture asset management

Relevant Sectors / Industries: 
Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management (Highways, Rail etc.)
AM/FM/GIS: Automated Mapping/Facilities Management & GIS
Water / Wastewater (sewer)
Natural Gas distribution/transmission
Electric distribution/transmission

Julian Watts (Secretary)
Marc Hobell (Membership Co-ordinator)
Jeremy Hidderley (Events Organiser)


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