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Committee Minutes

Below are the minutes from the last four quarterly committee meetings, if you would like to view the minutes from previous meetings they can be found via the link to all documents above.

Useful Links

Here are some links to websites which will increase your knowledge of GIS standards. Something missing? Please let us know if you come across a link which you think should appear here.

Most ISO standards are accepted as British or European standards by prefixing with BS and/or EN respectively. However the 'year' suffix may change. Thus ISO 19106:2004 becomes BS EN ISO 19106:2006 although the content is identical.

BSI, ISO and CEN Published Standards can be found using the following links

BSI - BS7666

BSI - BS8766

TS = Technical Specification    PD = Published Document     TR  = Technical Report

BSi British standards news, online catalogue, product services, management, inspection, history and membership information.

CEN/TC287 Details of current European standards activities, including best practice workshops.

The Open Geospatial Consortium Abstract specifications, Best practice documents, Engineering reports, Discussion papers and change requests.

FGDC National Geospatial Data Standards US Federal Geospatial Data Committee online presentation about data standards.

International Standards Committee for GI (ISO/TC 211) Details of current standards developments.

Geo standards Wiki This Wiki is run by the Geonovum Foundation in the Netherlands and provides a lot of useful information about GI Standards, the standards making process and many useful links.

UK Location UK Location is a UK pan-government initiative to improve the sharing & re-use of public sector location information. This site provides information about and links to all significant activities for the implementation of the UK Location Strategy & INSPIRE.

INSPIRE European Commission’s site for the INSPIRE Directive which aims to create a European Spatial Data Infrastructure. All INSPIRE Implementing Rules, Data Specifications and Guidance information are available, including many references to ISO & CEN standards.


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