Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) selects 1Spatial to support Next Generation 9-1-1 Buildout

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Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) selects 1Spatial to support Next Generation 9-1-1 Buildout: GeoCollaboration of ADOA, AZ Department of Transportation and AZ State Land Department

Vienna, Virginia, October 14, 2021
The State of Arizona has begun migrating from Enhanced 9-1-1 to NextGen 9-1-1 (NG9-1-1) to improve the infrastructure and processes that support the 9-1-1 efforts. Accurate geospatial data will be essential to ensure calls are routed to the correct Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), which will require statewide data validation and integration to be successful. As all 9-1-1 systems will be required to validate their GIS data against the State standards and to align their data with neighboring jurisdictions’ GIS data, the State has chosen 1Spatial to implement their Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) automated rules engine, 1Integrate, with 1Data Gateway, 1Spatial’s easy to use validation and submission portal to enable the process.

Throughout the country, state 9-1-1 programs are in the midst of or are beginning the process of transitioning to NG9-1-1. To successfully implement geospatial call routing, it takes significant coordination with local data providers to aggregate the National Emergency Number Association (NENA) required datasets which consist of Address Points, Road Centerlines, PSAP Boundaries, Emergency Service Boundaries (Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical Services) and related Provisioning Boundaries. NENA has released and continues to author new standards for geospatial data supporting NG9-1-1. 1Spatial is monitoring such changes to ensure their NG9-1-1 rules pack is up to date with any new confirmed requirements. Arizona will use these standards as a Statewide baseline and provision the data into the State’s NextGen Core Services.

The Arizona 9-1-1 Program is administered by the Arizona Department of Administration (ADOA) which has oversight to the implementation of 9-1-1 across the State’s fifteen (15) 9-1-1 systems that consist of 81 PSAPs. The program provides guidance that relates to operational and technical requirements as Arizona begins to transition towards NG9-1-1. The program also provides recommendations and opportunities for funding to support GIS incentives.

1Spatial will provide implementation and training services for 1Integrate and 1Data Gateway in support of Arizona’s NG9-1-1 buildout. The tools will provide validation of the data maintained by the State based on NENA’s NG9-1-1 schema requirements (as listed above) for attribute accuracy and completeness as well as to ensure the data meets the NG9-1-1 geospatial requirements. The automated validation process will not only serve the needs of the State but will also support the State’s 9-1-1 Agency Partners, providing an easy-to-use portal for them to validate their data and receive spatial reports back immediately following validation, pinpointing where the data appears to violate the NENA requirements in order to drive the Agency Partners to the specific location and rule violation to make the clean-up process much easier and much more efficient. Further, as the licenses are enterprise wide and available for use by other State agencies, the project will also support use-cases for the Arizona State Land Department (National Address Database & statewide geolocator) and the Arizona Department of Transportation (All Roads Network of Linear-Referenced Data).

1Spatial Inc. CEO, Sheila Steffenson observed “This is a very exciting effort for us as we are collaborating with not just the ADOA but also with its 9-1-1 Agency Partners, the State Cartographer’s Office at the Arizona State Land Department as well as with our long-standing customer (actually 2nd here in the US) ADOT. We are very happy to see the extended value that our tools can bring to solving data challenges for multiple use cases and agencies within the State.”

About ADOA: The Arizona Department of Administration – Arizona Strategic Enterprise Technology Office develops and executes statewide information technology strategy, as well as provides capabilities, services, and infrastructure to ensure the continuity of mission-critical and essential systems for the State of Arizona. For more information visit

About 1Spatial: 1Spatial is a software solutions provider and global leader in managing geospatial data. 1Spatial delivers value by enabling data to be current, complete, and consistent using automated processes. 1Spatial’s patented, rules-based approach delivers enterprise-scale, cross-platform, automation to all stages of the data lifecycle. Global clients include the public safety and emergency service community, utilities, telecommunications providers, national mapping agencies, census bureaus and transportation organizations.  For more information visit .

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