Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service select Cadcorp GIS for customer insight project

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Cadcorp software will provide fire service with greater flexibility to query and visualise risk data

Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service (BFRS) has selected Cadcorp SIS as its Geographic Information System (GIS). The project includes desktop GIS, fire modelling applications, cloud hosted web mapping, consultancy services and training.

The Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Authority had a requirement for an application to support their customer insight led model for targeted prevention. Cadcorp Risk Modeller was selected as it provided the best technical fit with the fire authority requirements and is widely used by UK fire services for similar initiatives. Risk Modeller can create multiple risk maps based on historical data, projected data, and demographics as well as changes to population distribution and transport links. Having a customer insight tool integrated within a GIS allows BFRS to view their risk model in the context of related mapping overlays.

BFRS are exploring innovative ways of mapping and analysing their data visually. Cadcorp SIS WebMap in the cloud was selected for sharing map data, business data (such as incidents and community fire safety activity), and GIS functionality within a user-friendly browser interface. The application is mobile responsive and can show aggregate risk based on the location of the device. SIS WebMap encourages ‘self-service’ and will provide all BFRS staff with the capability to run their own spatial queries and produce their own maps. Local Knowledge™ was added for its functionality of returning answers to questions about a locality. For example, information on the station area including incident statistics and risk information.

Cadcorp SIS WebMap for Power BI will allow BFRS to benefit from Ordnance Survey® base mapping and a wide range of business data within their interactive Power BI reports.

Petia Asparouhova, Programme and PMO Manager at BFRS commented: “The Cadcorp software package will give us the flexibility to model different scenarios on behalf of many functional areas (Prevention, Protection, Response, Human Resources etc.) by considering and testing various risk factors, and overlaying historic and new predicted data from a variety of internal and external data sources. The software will be used to inform and provide robust evidence for critical business decisions and is expected to make a significant contribution to resource planning, create heat maps for on-call recruitment and prevention activities, support the Community Risk planning and performance monitoring. This will facilitate flexible and efficient use of our assets, without compromising the effectiveness of the services we provide.”

Cadcorp SIS is deployed by emergency services either directly or as a component of an application. It is instrumental in strategic and operational activities such as resource planning and performance reporting, risk analysis, and command and control. To find out more, visit the Cadcorp website.


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