Cadcorp SIS 9 service release widens access to addressing

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Geocoding allows search by UPRN and USRN
Press Release, Stevenage, UK, 15th March 2021

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software company, Cadcorp, has made significant updates in its latest service release of Cadcorp SIS 9.

Geocoding has become easier. Using up-to-date property and street databases, geocoding in Cadcorp SIS Desktop enables searching based on Unique Property Reference Number (via OS Open UPRN) and Unique Street Reference Number (via OS Open USRN). These search local databases, built using data downloaded from the OS Data Hub Downloads API. Updated databases are issued every month and Cadcorp users can download these for the most up-to-date searches. Alternatively, users can now geocode place names and locations directly against the OS Data Hub Names API. Users of the OS Code-Point Open geocoder are now able to add their own new postcode units, or edit the locations of existing units, in order to keep up with local changes.

Following the recent announcement of the Ordnance Survey® (OS) Public Sector Plan for PSGA members, Cadcorp is continuing to allow access to OS Data Hub services by supporting the use of Premium and Public Sector API Keys. This is reflected in the software’s OS Data Hub wizard pages, which were launched in the previous service release.

Preliminary support for the Environment Agency Real Time flood-monitoring API has been added to provide users with access to near real time information on flood warnings and alerts.  Another user-led enhancement to SIS Desktop enables copyright and credit statements to be more easily included on screen and in copied output.

Cadcorp’s off-the-shelf web mapping application, Cadcorp SIS WebMap has also benefitted from updates as part of this service release. Starting SIS WebMap with a view of a defined location has been enhanced to allow the user to identify both a feature and specific visible layers as part of the URL.

The optional SIS WebMap Edit facility now features an updated administration interface so users can create structured schemas for layers which require editing. Features can be more easily defined as mandatory with options to allow free text input, or selection from a list of known values.

Based on feedback from Cadcorp customers who use Cadcorp SIS WebMap for Power BI to embed an interactive map in Microsoft Power BI, external websites and other integrations, zoom controls, layer switcher, and key map styling have all been updated.

To enable easier access to varied addressing systems, Cadcorp has also updated the what3words (w3w) integration with SIS WebMap to use the most recent version of the w3w API. This allows the user to zoom to any w3w address, or to click on the map to learn the w3w address for that position.

The Cadcorp SIS service release incorporates a number of bug fixes, software updates and performance enhancements to improve customer experience. For more information, visit

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