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November 17th, 2020 3:00 PM   to   4:30 PM


How do we create the next generation of geo-technology?

In recent years, prospects for building extensible, scalable and interoperable digital twins have improved dramatically as our ability to use models and data-centric techniques to tackle complex problems has progressed.

Rapid complementary technical developments have fueled the evolution of the UK’s now vibrant digital twin ecosystem, and one of the latest trends in the sphere relates to possible areas of convergence between digital twins and geospatial data infrastructures.

In this session, techUK will be exploring how digital twins can leverage geospatial data to best effect, considering emerging opportunities to visualise and bring to life geospatial data in new, eye-opening ways. More specifically, this workshop will explore questions such as:

  1. How do we build a digital twin that is geospatially aware?
  2. What industries will benefit the most from geospatially aware digital twins?
  3. From sensors, IoT, LiDAR and satellite data, what technology is needed to bring together a geospatially designed digital twin?
  4. How can location-enabled ‘digital twins’ using sensor technology and advanced data analysis improve the resilience of our infrastructure?
  5. How can decision-makers use geospatial data to ensure that sustainability is at the core of both physical infrastructure and digital twins?

With an eye on the future, techUK will also be considering how the integration of geospatial data within digital twins could enhance our understanding of the built environment, drive forward progress on national-level sustainability objectives, accelerate and de-risk innovation, and present the need for horizontal collaboration across market domains.

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