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October 14th, 2016 4:30 PM   to   8:00 PM

Prof. Andrew Bevan - University College London

Title: Archaeology, Historical Geography and the Data Deluge

Archaeology, history and geography have all wandered into exciting but daunting territory, with huge quantities of new evidence, both systematic and serendipitous, as well as further floods from neighbouring subjects. Moreover, this information deluge is digitally-rich, increasingly spatial, frequently open-licensed and often remotely-sensed. With regard to the study of the human past (and the related story of a human environmental impacts), these changes are sufficiently profound to suggest that the very operating conditions for archaeological and deep-historical research are being transformed, with important consequences for how we interpret, contextualise, quantify and compare archaeological evidence, as well as for how we learn, teach, collaborate and publish. Drawing together comparative examples from the Mediterranean islands, international shipping containers, the Chinese terracotta army, European prehistory and the Domesday book, this lecture charts the increasingly Diluvian information landscape across which we explore human history.


As usual, the event is followed by GeoDrinks in the Teviot Library bar (EH8 9AJ) at 5.45. All are welcome, even if they cannot attend the seminar, but note that access to the bar is restricted from 6pm so please make contact in advance if you plan to join us after that time.

No booking is required for this event and it is free to attend.


Aim of the Series

The University of Edinburgh School of GeoSciences is pleased to host this seminar series, presenting topics in the broad areas of geographical information and remote sensing, under the auspices of the Edinburgh Earth Observatory. This prestigious series combines research seminars with talks of professional interest and is open to students and staff across the University and beyond, together with professionals in the field working in Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland. Supported by the Association for Geographic Information in Scotland (AGI Scotland) as a professional seminar series, it aims to be inclusive and broad-ranging. Talks are timed for the late afternoon to bring a social dimension.

These seminars also represent an important networking opportunity, with a growing audience comprising some of the key players in the Scottish geographical information industry. Talks are followed by AGI GeoDrinks which take place in the Teviot Library Bar allowing plenty room for informal professional networking.

Our typical audience numbers 40-60 and combines staff and students from GeoSciences, Informatics and other Schools within the university, with professional colleagues from the Scottish Government, British Geological Survey, EDINA, Registers for Scotland, Historic Environment Scotland, Forest Research and several SMEs from across Central Scotland and beyond.


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