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October 10th, 2018 4:00 PM   to   6:30 PM

Would you be willing to share your insights with us, please?

We’re responding in detail to the Geospatial Commission’s Call for Evidence. To ensure equitable representation of our community’s interests, we’re asking for your views in a series of moderated live sessions.

This session will be happening in Manchester (Altrincham) on October 10 16:00-18:30 at Informed Solutons

Each event will canvas concerns, aspirations, and ‘wish lists’ that can help to shape an innovative, effective new geospatial data strategy. The evidence collected, at events and in follow-up meetings, will strengthen our response to the Call for Evidence. And of course, we will provide appropriate credit to you in our response.

Why should you take part?

We’re seeing a rapidly evolving geospatial market. For the UK as a whole, that UK Government analysis of between £6bn and £11bn in benefits paints a very bright future. We want to be sure we’re taking advantage of every opportunity, so your views on how and what that future looks like are formative.

The outcomes will be published in three two forms: within our response to the Call for Evidence, as a paper that will be distributed exclusively to AGI members, and in a series of reports as the Commission’s work progresses.

Please apply by email, and include the following information in your application: 

  • Name – and which event you’d like to attend
  • Job title and company 
  • What evidence can you offer to help shape the Geospatial Commission’s work?

We look forward to hearing your insights. 


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