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June 18th, 2015 9:30 AM   to   4:30 PM


Data Management is a discipline that should be of concern to any users of marine data, especially where that data forms part of a chain informing key decisions.

This is an essential course providing a comprehensive overview of all things related to marine data management. We show how its application can improve your organisation’s efficiency in data acquisition, storage and analysis, ensuring data use is understood with respect to:

  • Corporate risk
  • Audit and traceability
  • Re-use & reducing costs

Why will this course benefit you?

Data Management is an unsung hero; having been too long in the shadow of IT and a poor relation of documents. Think of your work without IT - slow, cumbersome, costly and unproductive, but doable. Now think of your work without data.

In the past, people have managed data as they did electronic documents. This led to uncontrolled versions, multiple copies and emailed attachments, all usually involving highly personal, intricate folder structures. For documents, this didn’t matter too much at the start because the freedom and novelty of being able to write and communicate and publish stuff was intoxicating; and productive. Any issues with the end product were relatively easy to spot; people are good at words! Then along came formal document management systems to cope with the increased size, complexity and number of documents, and the need to collaborate, share, edit and comment. One person’s seemingly logical folder structure can be another person’s nightmare labyrinth. Then came keywords, search and corporate centralized systems and control processes.

Now it’s data’s turn under the spotlight. But searching for a ‘9’, whilst easy, is not as useful as searching for, say, ‘Albert Einstein’. Similarly, it’s less easy to look at a table of numbers and spot errors, inconsistencies and the fact it could be entirely the wrong file. Whilst document management is important; formal Data Management is essential.

This course will give you an overview of data management in the marine world, in terms of why you, or your organization, should be doing it in a more formal way, and things you need to make sure it happens, and when.

Who should attend?

This course is not for IT people or archivists; it is for people who have to deal with the ever-increasing volumes of marine data in ever expanding streams and chunks. It is for people who work with marine data and need to understand ways to manage it efficiently as it comes through the door, gets used and reused and re-accessed. It is for people who need to check what’s been done in a process to produce ‘the answer’, or who need to move on to the next, more complicated thing. It is also about knowing what data you already have, and where it is, and how to find it, and how good it is. This is Step One in moving any new idea forward.

Bring with you your own data problems and issues and your own data if you want. This one-day overview won’t provide you with all the answers but it will provide you with a framework for understanding what Data Management you need and how to go about delivering it to your team, group and organisation.

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