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March 22nd, 2019 4:30 PM   to   6:00 PM


Professor Michael Peterson

University of Nebraska at Omaha

Title: Real-Time Air Population and Air Freight Volume for the Contiguous US

"Air population" refers to the total number of people flying above the earth at any point in time. Air freight volume is a measure of the total volume of freight in all aircraft flying above an area. Air population and freight volume can be estimated using the real-time location of aircraft. The total number of passengers is calculated by multiplying the number of seats for each aircraft by the current seat occupancy rate. Air freight volume is estimated by summing the freight volume for all aircraft, both the belly cargo in passenger aircraft and the total volume of aircraft used exclusively for freight. Air population and air freight is determined for the United States contiguous airspace. Values are divided by state, county and region. In the interactive, real-time mapping system, maps are provided to show total state air population, the density of air population by state (air population / area of state), the ratio of air population to ground population and total air freight in semi-trailer equivalents.

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