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December 4th, 2015 4:30 PM   to   6:30 PM

Prof. Chris Speed
Chair of Design Informatics, School of Design, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Title: Designing with the City as Database
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This seminar will explore the conditions of the city and landscape as a database and the possibilities that this holds for reconfiguring both the representation of the landscape and the practices that can occur within it. A paradigm in which data points become the primary material that describes the places that we work and live, means that any thing can become a landmark. Whilst we are used to buildings, monuments and trees having a datum, the streaming condition of cars, people, animals and all many of objects within the internet of things means that the landscape is no longer described through architectures with fixed points of longitude and latitude. Instead the landscape is a fluid, non static database in which all and any correlations can be made. In support of this theoretical premise I will present a series of research projects that introduce design tactics for designing with the city as database.

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