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April 27th, 2020 9:00 AM   to   5:00 PM

This is a comprehensive online QGIS course that covers all the key functions of the software plus the more complex data analysis functions. A module on editing is included that takes users through creating new data layers, creating features, modifying features (with and without topology) and modifying attributes.

It is suitable for new and experienced users.

Course Duration: 15 Hours, 16 Minutes

Section 1 : Starting with QGIS

Section 2 : QGIS Basics

Section 3 : Interacting with the Map

Section 4 : Symbolising & Labeling Layers

Section 5 : Working with Selections

Section 6 : Geoprocessing

Section 7 : Analysis

Section 8 : Creating & Editing Data

Section 9 : Printing

9 Sections, 12 Parts, 12 Exercises

This course is available online whenever it suits you, wherever you are located. It is also available for Face to Face delivery, at your location. 

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