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March 13th, 2020 4:30 PM   to   5:30 PM

EEO-AGI(S): GeoSciences Professional Seminar Series 2019-20

Dr. Neil Humpage of the University of Leicester will present 'Greenhouse Gas Remote Sensing: from space, the sky, and the surface'.


Greenhouse gas concentrations in the Earth's atmosphere vary over a range of temporal and spatial scales, their variability reflecting the influences of numerous anthropogenic and natural processes including sources, sinks, and atmospheric transport. By measuring and mapping these concentrations, we can improve our understanding of these processes and their relative importance, and how these change over time. At the University of Leicester, we use various remote sensing technologies mounted on satellites, on aircraft, and on the ground to observe concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane. Working with data from these different, yet complementary platforms allows us to investigate what drives the atmospheric carbon cycle over a range of spatial and temporal scales.

In this talk I will give an overview of our group's activities, starting with how we derive carbon dioxide and methane concentration data from satellite measurements. I will then present some studies in which we make use of these datasets, using them in combination with Earth system model outputs to investigate different aspects of the carbon cycle. Finally, I will focus on my own area of interest: looking at how we can use ground-based and airborne remote sensing measurements to complement and validate the greenhouse gas observations that we make from space.

About the speaker

Dr Neil Humpage studied physics at St. Anne's College, University of Oxford (graduating in 2005), before working towards a PhD with the Space and Atmospheric Physics group at Imperial College London. During his PhD he worked on a far-infrared Fourier transform spectrometer (FTS) which he used to investigate the radiative properties of cirrus clouds and
water vapour through field measurements, including a month spent at an atmospheric monitoring site north of the Arctic Circle in Barrow, Alaska. Dr Humpage joined the Earth Observation Science group at the University of Leicester in 2009, initially working towards development of a laboratory demonstrator of infrared imaging FTS technology. Since then, he has contributed towards a number of CEOI-ST, ESA and NERC projects with a broad focus on new instrumental techniques for atmospheric remote sensing. He is currently part of the greenhouse gases group lead by Prof Hartmut Boesch, with whom he is working on the
testing, calibration and operation of ground-based and airborne infrared spectrometers for greenhouse gas observations.

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