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May 27th, 2020 9:00 AM   to   5:00 PM

This online course begins by introducing users to the concept of grid datasets and the important characteristics of grids. This understanding is quickly put to use with a look at grid management, creation, selection and reclassification, including a comprehensive look at the powerful Raster Calculator. Spatial interpolation methods are explored, with distance and cost functions also illustrated. Elevation surfaces are put to use with the viewshed function and use for hydrologic analysis that follows a systematic approach from elevation surface through to full steam network, watershed delineation and flow simulation. 

Full explanations are offered throughout the course on not only how to use the Spatial Analyst functions, but on how to interpret their results. Exercises are designed to be challenging and are largely based around simulated project scenarios to assist the learning process. 

It is recommended that users are experienced with the main functions of ArcGIS and ideally will have previously completed the Mastering or Intermediate ArcGIS course at GIS247.

Course Duration: 9 Hours 19 Minutes

Section 1: Introduction to Spatial Analyst & Grids

Section 2: Creating & Managing Grids

Section 3: Selecting & Reclassifying Grids

Section 4: Cell Statistic Functions

Section 5: Spatial Interpolation

Section 6: Distance & Cost Functions

Section 7: Viewshed Analysis

Section 8: Hydrologic Analysis

This course is available online whenever it suits you, wherever you are located. It is also available for Face to Face delivery, at your location. 

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