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May 27th, 2020 11:00 AM   to   12:00 PM


Join us to find out how you can use Geocortex Workflow to model, streamline, and automate business processes. Most enterprise business processes (simple or complex) can be turned into a set of simple, guided end-user interactions.

With Geocortex Workflow 5 you are provided with powerful tools to help you configure purposeful, custom widgets with ease.

In addition, Geocortex Workflow 5 provides added flexibility and value alongside your Esri applications. Rather than writing custom code to build the widgets you need to satisfy requirements in your Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS® applications, choose from a growing library of activities to build virtually anything quickly and seamlessly.

Not only does Geocortex Workflow allow you to extend your Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS applications, it makes maintaining and upgrading custom widgets easier. Rather than having to update each application that uses a custom widget, you can simply update the source workflow in Geocortex Workflow Designer, and the changes are pushed to each application that uses that workflow.

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