Europa Technologies launches v2022.1 of global map data suite

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Europa Technologies has announced the latest version of its market-leading family of global map data products.

The v2022.1 includes a number of innovative improvements:

  • Increase to almost 1.7 million places
  • Supporting 21+ languages, an increase to over 3.1 million place names
  • New administrative classification field (capital, 1st/2nd/3rd/4th-level seat)
  • Population estimates update
  • Updated international and 1st/2nd level administrative boundaries
  • Coastline improvements
  • Road updates, particularly in Ukraine and Belarus
  • Updated time zones with DST for 2022/2023
  • Updated earthquakes layer
  • Updated monthly (2021) cloud cover raster layers

Additionally, the new release delivers thousands of minor updates and improvements.

The global map data suite from Europa Technologies includes Global Discovery, Global Insight Plus, Global Insight and Global 360. The updates have also been applied to Global CRESTA Plus – a high-quality implementation of the CRESTA zone system used by insurers and reinsurers.

Warren Vick, Founder & Director of Europa Technologies said, “We are delighted to release the first version of our global map data suite for 2022. Many improvements and upgrades were specifically requested by existing customers with discerning requirements. Our global data continues to be a market and technical leader.”

The new product release is available as a service through the award-winning viaEuropa platform. viaEuropa provides access to hosted, high-quality cartography as OGC-compliant web services which can be easily consumed by desktop, mobile and web applications.

For more information on the Europa Technologies global data suite, visit:


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