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The AGI Awards for Geospatial Excellence are an important showcase of the individuals and their projects which most notably define our ongoing value to government, society and commerce. Our Awards also provide an important opportunity to reflect and celebrate the technical progress that our industry is making and observe the business impact of our tradecraft. You'll find an overview of the different Awards below.


The AGI Award for the Best Paper at Conference
Judged by delegates attending the AGI’s main conference, GeoCom. The award is given to the best presentation at GeoCom, whether this be due to the subject matter conveyed, impact, novelty or just sheer brilliance.

The AGI Award for the Best Paper within the Event Programme
A paper from each event (other than GeoCom) in the AGI’s event series is shortlisted and then an overall winner of this award is determined by the Chair of the AGIs Event’s Action Working Group.

The AGI Award for Excellence in Education
This category acknowledges the very best examples of geospatial for educational purposes whether this be tools, workshops, institutes, courses or seminars. These entries reflect those offering courses in continuing professional development for existing geospatial professionals but also those helping to produce the next generation of geospatial professionals through academic teaching.

The AGI Award for Best Geospatial Data Visualisation
Acknowledging those projects that recognises the importance of visual representation in conveying a message or story with geospatial data, the award aims to stretch perceptions of GI by embracing novel examples of how Geospatial data can be used to enhance a visualisation beyond traditional cartographic outputs.

The AGI Award for Excellence in Research & Development
Projects that have advanced best practice, technology or tools to the benefit of the geospatial industry are acknowledged in this category. The judges were particularly keen to see examples of where research was novel or challenging but also effective in addressing the needs of society or challenges for the geospatial industry itself.

The AGI Award for Excellence with Impact
This award recognises those projects which have achieved outstanding success or impact whether this be societal,
humanitarian, environmentally and/or financially based or at a local, regional, national or international scale.

The AGI Award for Best Use of Geospatial for Business Benefit
Outstanding achievement in the use of geospatial technology, particularly those that have had positive impact on business processes or practices and can demonstrate significant return on investment are judged in this award.

The AGI Early Career Professional award
New for 2015 - this award celebrates the achievements of outstanding geospatial professionals who are at an early stage in their career and are showing great promise to become future leaders in our industry. The award is open to entrants who have less than 10 years of industrial experience and forms part of AGI’s new Early Career Network, which provides training, mentoring and support to younger professionals as they embark on a career in the geospatial industry.

The AGI Student of the Year
With the Student of the Year award we recognise the best research projects. The award was open to all students
(undergraduate and postgraduate) of universities in the United Kingdom for work done in the academic year.

The AGI Award for Exceptional Service
Awarded to someone within the AGI volunteer base who has demonstrated exceptional commitment to the mission of the AGI, notably during the year. The recipient of this award, does so on behalf of all the volunteers during the year.

The AGI Chairperson's Award for Outstanding Service to the AGI
This award was re-introduced this year and the winner was chosen by the current AGI Chair, David Henderson.

The AGI Award for Career Achievement in GI
This prestigious award is given to a person who has made a significant long term contribution to geospatial within their professional career. Members are asked to nominate individuals who are notably deserving of such an award.


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