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Since 1989 the AGI Awards have recognised excellence in a wide range of applications of geographic information. They have also recognised the significant contributions that individuals make to the geocommunity and the promotion of the use of geographical information. The purpose of the awards is to formally thank the recipients for their contributions, publicly celebrate their success and provide inspiration for others. Information on 2015 winners can be found here.

For 2016 the AGI Council made the following awards: you will find the 2016 winners here.

1. The AGI Award for Career Achievement in GI

This award recognises someone who’s made a significant contribution to our industry during their career. It’s a prestigious award, respected internationally, as the person receiving it has made a long-lasting impression on us all.

2. The AGI Chairperson’s Award for Outstanding Service to the AGI

As a membership association, the hard work and dedication of our members is central to a vibrant geocommunity with purpose.  The AGI Chairperson’s Award is nominated this year by David Henderson: it recognises someone who has made an outstanding contribution to the work of the AGI specifically, furthering our aims and promoting our work.


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