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Great events get promoted into your inbox all the time. So why should you come to GeoCom? We’ve asked some of our AGI members and council members to tell us the reasons why they think the AGI’s Annual Conference is the ONE event you should attend, this year:

Josh Dickerson – Senior Digital Services Consultant, Deetu

  • "We get exclusive insights from people and organisations we can’t usually get to. At work, you’re alongside colleagues who share your expertise. With clients, you get a feel for the experience they’re hoping you’ll provide. But at GeoCom, we all get an insight into the subjects and policies and technologies that are shaping what we can offer, and what’ll be needed in the months and years to come."

David Henderson - Director of Products and Innovation, Ordnance Survey and AGI Council member

  • "GeoCom is a real showcase for anyone who’s interested in the evolution of Smart – there’s always some fantastic thought leadership being shared with us as an organisation, and it’s a chance to hear new speakers and meet new colleagues. We’re always being reminded that businesses and organisations are sitting on datasets they could get more value from – if only they embraced geospatial, and what it can bring to the table. If you’re involved with Big Data, you know it presents as many opportunities as it does challenges. Together, at GeoCom we get to explore and celebrate the opportunities being presented to us over the next few years – it’s a great day."

Abigail Page - AGI Chair

  • "At GeoCom we have some of the most relevant speakers of our time. You might see them elsewhere, yes, but probably not all at the same time. GeoCom brings people together – policy-makers and thought leaders – so that anyone who’s working with geospatial, or interested in it, can get a feel for what’s coming up, and what they should prepare for. It’s also the AGI’s springboard each year for own advocacy: we regroup, and get to focus on our own potential for the year to come."

Rollo Home – Product Strategy Manager, Ordnance Survey

  • "Attending a conference to network is probably one of the hardest things to justify, in terms of your time and your business’s investment in that time. But it’s probably one of the most important things you can do at a conference. It's the reason you physically attend rather than just read articles on line. At GeoCom you get to meet industry colleagues from across the country AND to network with people from outside our sector, people working with geospatial who aren't necessarily aware of what you can offer – and they've come to meet people like you. This year, there’s a GeoMob session happening locally (at the Geovation Hub) the night before GeoCom; it's a great chance for hands-on geographers to come along the next day and hear about the policy-decisions that are shaping their work, first hand."

Hannah Pettit - Asset Data Quality Manager, TfL

  • "One of the great things about GeoCom is how inclusive it is. Geospatial is branching out at an incredible pace, we’re exploring more, we’re doing more, we’re achieving more with cross-sector counterparts – and for young professionals, in particular, GeoCom is an event where you can see just how important geospatial has become, and, perhaps, see how you can play a part in moving our industry forward too. It’s a great place to meet the right people. Geo is so varied – GeoCom is the event where it all starts to makes sense."


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