FME Form Advanced Training


03/10/2024 - 04/10/2024    
09:15 - 16:30

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This course offers you Tensing’s deep dive into FME. Designed for the seasoned data professional and existing FME Form (previously FME Desktop) user, our Certified FME Trainers will guide you to the peak of data integration. We’ll focus on advanced data management techniques, efficiency, performance and best practice.

On our FME Form Advanced course, we help to move you towards being an FME power user. We’ll even advise you on becoming a Certified FME Professional if you want to use this course as a stepping stone to helping you achieve personal accreditation. Our trainers will equip you with the skills you’ll need to ensure the automation processes you build, can utilise the best-practice techniques and new features you’ll need for the next stage of your data integration journey. We cover advanced attribute management and manipulation; an important skill when so much of our data has strings that need altering or checking! We help you hone your Workspace design skills, to improve the performance of your production tasks, whilst also making your more involved Workspaces easier to maintain. We also cover plenty of advanced parameter functionality to help give your processes the ability to multi-task. You’ll also have a nice takeaway tool in the form of a custom transformer you’ll build, to interact with a useful UK hosted API.

With so much data out there for you to process, we’ve also built our content around unique custom European and UK-based examples, that we use in our courses to give you a local context.

Our Certified FME Trainers in the UK are David Eagle and Simon Green and they’ve both got 15+ years of experience with the FME Platform, data integration, GIS analysis and of course, they’ve been delivering software training for most of their careers, so you’re definitely in a ‘Safe’ pair of hands.

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