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GIS247 is a portal of online learning for GIS users of all abilities, at any time.

We provide a range of GIS training courses, modules and hands-on exercises that teach you how to use the leading GIS software applications.

GIS247 builds on our 20+ years’ experience of providing high quality and effective training to GIS users. GIS247 enables us to make this knowledge available as eLearning to GIS users in a wide range of application areas.

We help individuals succeed at using GIS technology so they can be as effective as possible in the jobs that they do. Our GIS training gives users the key skills and deeper knowledge of GIS related issues, together with confidence to make a difference.

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Beginners Guide to ArcGIS
Intermediate Guide to ArcGIS
Mastering ArcGIS
Advanced guide to ArcGIS
Mastering Spatial Analyst

ArcGIS Pro
Starting with ArcGIS Pro
Intermediate Guide to ArcGIS Pro
Mastering ArcGIS Pro
Editing with ArcGIS Pro

Starting with QGIS
Intermediate Guide to QGIS
Mastering QGIS

Continuing Professional Development