Introduction to Cadcorp SIS Desktop


28/06/2022 - 29/06/2022    
09:30 - 16:30

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Learn the basics for everyday use of Cadcorp SIS. Students are introduced to the basic concepts underpinning GIS, and shown how to find a location, and view, create, edit and print maps. It will also introduce you to creating and managing your own files and extend your knowledge about creating and editing data.

▪ An Introduction to Cadcorp SIS
▪ Spatial Data and Cadcorp SIS Concepts
▪ Using a Gazetteer
▪ Creating Prints, PDFs and Images for Documents
▪ Creating and Managing Overlays and SWDs
▪ Creating and Editing Spatial Data
▪ An Introduction to Attributes, Properties, Schema and Expressions
▪ An Introduction to Querying Data
▪ An Introduction to Thematic Mapping

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