Making full use of the new Ordnance Survey PSGA data and services in GIS


11:00 - 12:00

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The Public Sector Geospatial Agreement (PSGA) sets out how Ordnance Survey® (OS) supplies new, richer geospatial data products to the public sector.

PSGA members can link their Geographic Information System (GIS) to these products via APIs in the OS Data Hub Public Sector Plan.

The suite of OS APIs can be used within a GIS or web mapping software. As an OS Developer Partner, Cadcorp has designed and implemented a new user interface to streamline and simplify the OS API user experience. The user interface is available within both Cadcorp premium and free GIS software.

Joined by guest presenter, Chris Wilton from Ordnance Survey, we will outline:

  • The overriding benefits of using OS APIs in GIS
  • A streamlined mechanism for finding, accessing, and using the OS APIs
  • What is included in the OS Features, OS Maps, and OS Vector Tile APIs, and scenarios for application
  • How to create consistent mapping across multiple applications

This webinar is for all PSGA members who work with OS data, including Central Government, Local Government, Emergency Services and Health.

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