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At #GeoCom16 you’ll find us exploring two aspects of this critical question: People: the work of our fellow geospatial professionals, their challenges and ambitions – and Progress: the influence of location data on our emerging digital economy. You'll find out more info about the day here.

We're very pleased to confirm an exciting line-up of guest speakers who will be sharing their views on these themes at this year's Annual Conference. See the full event programme here.

  • Timandra Harkness @TimandraHarknes  Journalist and author of 'Big Data, Does Size Matter?'
  • Arancha Munoz-Criado  Green architect and urban planner.
  • Dr Catherine Mulligan @API_Economics   Associate Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research.
  • Professor Jacqui Taylor @jacquitaylorfb  CEO Flying Binary, and Independent Ministerial Advisor in Cabinet Office as an Open Data domain expert and web scientist.
  • Andy Hamflett  @andyhamflett  Former CEO of Youth Parliament, Co-Founder AAM and Independent Ministerial Advisor.
  • Ed Klinger @edleonklinger  Co-Founder and CEO Flock.
  • Dr. Katherine Royse @KatherineRoyse  Science Director, BGS. Member of NERC Science Innovation Advisory Board.
  • Dr Alberto Arribas Director of Labs, Met Office.

The Lightning session speakers, who are AGI members, are:

  • Patrick Bell @pdbe  Information Systems Leader at BGS
  • Doug Specht @DougSpecht  Researcher & lecturer in Communication Geography at the Communication & Media Research Institute, University of Westminster
  • Crispin Hoult @Linknode8  with a Geomatics PhD from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne, he founded Linknode.
  • James Milner @JamesLMilner  is a developer working with startups at the Ordnance Survey's Geovation Hub

Timandra Harkness 

‘Brain-teasingly enjoyable!’ You’ll recognise Timandra Harkness as presenter of BBC Radio 4’s series ‘FutureProofing’, and from documentaries such as Data Everywhere and her hit comedy show ‘Brainsex’ – and we’re thrilled she’ll be speaking at #GeoCom16.

Timandra describes herself as having approximately 69.44% of an OU degree in Mathematics & Statistics … and we’re 100% certain you’ll enjoy not only her talk, but the whole event!

In her latest book, “Big Data: Does Size Matter?”, Timandra starts as we mean to go on at the AGI, exploring the relevance of location today. She says, “Big data knows where you’ve been”, and on November 23rd we look forward to hearing much more from her about geospatial relevance in all things data – from science to smart cities, business to politics, and self-quantification to the Internet of Things.

Arancha Munoz-Criado

With a Masters in Landscape Architecture from Harvard, Arancha Munoz-Criado is much, much more than your average strategic ecological and urban planner.

One of the keenest advocates for using of location data, and harnessing big data in her work, she’s also well known for fostering environmental sustainability and economic efficiency, while improving landscape quality for citizens.

This year, between delivering the Landscape Policy for Valencia and developing the much-heralded new Green Infrastructure Framework for the entire USA (a joint project between ESRI and National Geographic), we’re absolutely delighted Arancha will be joining us as a speaker at #GeoCom16.

Dr Catherine Mulligan

is a Research Fellow in the Innovation and Entrepreneurship group with a joint appointment to the Department of Computing where she is Associate Director of the Imperial College Centre for Cryptocurrency Research

Dr Mulligan is also a Visiting Fellow at the Glasgow School of Art Institute for Design Innovation (INDI) Her research interests lie in the area of new economic structures enabled by the digital economy, in particular the role of Distributed Ledger Technologies in areas other than financial services, as well as the role that technologies play in the creation of citizen-centric smart/sustainable cities.  Through her work as Principal Investigator on the RCUK Digital Economy Program grants: Sustainable Society Network+, Catherine brought Urban Prototyping to London – a festival that brought together a wide variety of disciplines to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems using digital technologies in the urban environment and created a flourishing network of academics across the UK dedicated to applying digital technologies to create sustainability and resilience outcomes.

Dr Mulligan regularly advises a variety of governments on the role of digital technologies including the UK, EU and in Asia, and has 15 years international experience in the Mobile Telecommunications and ICT industries, including 10 years at Ericsson in Stockholm, Sweden.  Working on a variety of cutting edge technologies, Catherine experienced first hand the complexities of successfully taking innovation to market.

Catherine has published several books, with topics ranging from mobile technologies to the evolution of innovation within the communications industries from 1960 through 2010.


Professor Jacqui Taylor (Founder CEO, Flying Binary) 


Jacqui was recognised in 2016 as one of the 100 most powerful UK entrepreneurs and awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Science in recognition of her IoT research.   As a Professor she leads the next steps web science research for IoT in Europe at London South Bank University.

After implementing a banking regulatory change programme with Web 3.0 tools she co-founded FlyingBinary a web science company which changes the world with data, one of the original 250 Tech City companies. She is a high profile mentor in the world’s number one digital hub, Tech City. Jacqui mentors Founders specifically to accelerate their technology and funding options for growth.
An appointment for the third year as an Independent Ministerial Advisor in Cabinet Office of H.M. Government recognised her as a web scientist of influence in the era of Big Data and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Her company FlyingBinary was recognised in 2015 with an IoT international techtrailblazer award. Jacqui collaborated with datajournalism thought leaders to produce her fourth publication, a new PhD primer for journalism using her web science research which connects 34 million citizens across the web. Published in November 2015 she has articulated the global future of the data journalism industry, she co-founded. As a prominent leader in the the Digital Enlightenment Forum, Jacqui contributed a chapter to the European 2014 Yearbook and recently presented a new Trust and Privacy model which will underpin the Future of IoT in Europe.

Her company has been successfully awarded all eight frameworks under H. M. Government’s industry leading cloud initiative, G-Cloud. FlyingBinary’s latest innovations are underpinning Secured European Cloud Services for Big Data and IoT, which implement GDPR and have no reliance on the Privacy Shield arrangements. She is an expert lead for the British Standards Institute (BSI) team with international colleagues on the top level ISO technical Committee. As the technical author for the latest British Standards Institute Smart City standard she has articulated the future role of IoT data and services and their value in the domain.

Dr. Katherine Royse (Science Director, BGS. Member of @NERCscience Innovation Advisory Board)

Dr Katherine Royse is the Science Director for GeoAnalytics and Modelling at the British Geological Survey (BGS).  The Directorate develops novel methods and techniques to gain added-value from BGS’s data holdings; using a trans-disciplinary approach to produce models that explain, explore and predict the Earth’s response to natural or human induced environmental change. Her research at BGS has focused around the development of 3D geological models for decision support and hazard mitigation in the urban environment. 

She is a trustee and council member of the Geological Society of London. She is also a member of NERCs Innovation Advisory board providing advice on how best to translate environmental knowledge and data into new value adding approaches, tools and solutions. In 2010-2014 she held a NERC KE Fellowship for which, she has lead a team in the development of a linked Groundwater Catastrophe model which won an OpenMI association award in 2012. 

Andy Hamflett (Co-Founder AAM)

Andy leads the insight work for AAM and is currently developing the new initiative Data + People with a range of cross sector partners. Andy has published a number of reports focusing on charities’ use of technology, and is fascinated by the potential impact of this area of work. Andy has held a range of senior posts, including Chief Executive of the UK Youth Parliament, and Head of Democratic Services for an inner London borough. He has regularly advised Ministers, presented at conferences and Parliamentary committees on a range of policy issues. 

Ed Klinger (Co-Founder, CEO Flock)

 CEO and co-founder of Flock, a London-based Artificial Intelligence startup that uses Big Data to safely guide drones through cities; M.Phil Technology Policy, Cambridge University; M.Eng Engineering, Economics and Management, Oxford University.


Dr Alberto Arribas (Director of Informatics Labs, Met Office) 

Alberto describes himself as "a lucky chap" as he likes what he does for a living, as a data scientist with over 60 academic papers to his name, lecturing and being committee member for the  World Meteorological Organisation and USA National Academy of Science, being part of the editorial team of journals such as QJ of the Royal Meteorological Society. He has in that time become more and more focused on the interface between science and technology, particularly in the last thirteen years while developing forecasting systems at the Met Office: "I cannot think of a better place to make science and data useful".


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