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One of the benefits that we offer to our members is the Continual Professional Development (CPD) scheme. CPD is a scheme which encourages people to continue learning and developing your professional skills over time.

Whatever stage you are at in your career, participating in the CPD scheme is a commitment to and demonstration of your further personal development. The Geographic Information industry is one of rapid change and no one likes suddenly realising that they have been left behind by their professional peers.

We help with this in two ways: firstly we can offer our members advice on which activities will qualify for the CPD scheme. Even better for those of you looking for a more structured approach we offer our own AGI CPD scheme.

The AGI CPD scheme provides a way to record your attendance of training courses, acquisition of new knowledge and to test your awareness of new technology.  At the end of each year, you will receive an official AGI certificate confirming your CPD record for that year, enabling you to easily keep track of your progress. The good news for members is that the CPD scheme is free for you to join!

CPD points can be gained for a wide variety of activities to reflect the broad base of interests and skills held by our members. We aim to be as transparent as possible about what we offer points for and why, with detailed information available here. To give a brief overview you can earn points for activities as varied as attending lectures or giving a presentation to authoring GI/GIS reports for your employer. Effectively you can work towards your CPD by just doing your job well which is quite convenient!

What is the Process?

You can start keeping your CPD log immediately. Use the template (available at the link below to AGI Members) to ensure you record your activities and what you have gained from them. Remember to record key details, such as dates of courses or presentations and URLs of further details.

Email your interest to us (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) and we will remind you to send us your return at the end of the year. You must be an AGI Individual Member (or Named Member of an AGI Organisational Member) to participate in the scheme.

Once you have submitted your return, experienced GI Professionals will review your return and may ask for further details of specific activities you have recorded to assess your submission. They will also provide you with some feedback to assist you with your ongoing CPD.

When your return has been validated by AGI, you will receive a certificate for your records.

How will this assist me with Chartered Geographer Status?

You will need to evidence CPD as part of your application for CGeog Status. AGI works with RGS to ensure that the AGI CPD scheme supports your application.

Once you are chartered, you will need to continue to submit an annual return. Again, the AGI CPD scheme will assist you with the evidence for your return.

I'm not interested in CGeog - should I still take part in the Scheme?

Members also use their participation in the scheme in other ways - for example, as evidencing their professional commitment for internal annual reviews or promotion process, or even to refer to when applying for new roles.

However, the key reason for taking part in the scheme is to ensure that you are managing your own CPD - to grow in your professional role and track your progress. A structured approach to this, with the benefit of input from experienced GI Professionals, is incredibly valuable.

We are currently reviewing our guidance and documents relating to CPD to assist our members. If you need any support please get in touch by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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