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On 21st June the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, published a draft of the Mayor's Transport Strategy 2017:

The Transport Strategy is the statutory document that sets out the policies and proposals of the Mayor of London to reshape transport in London over the next 25 years. It builds on the vision for a better London that the Mayor outlined in ‘A City for All Londoners’, and takes forward the approach set out in ‘Healthy Streets for London’. The strategy in full, as well as a summary and supporting documents are also available on the AGI websiteThe consultation closes on the 2nd October. 

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) and the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers (AGI/RGS-IBG) will be making a joint response to this consultation and your views, expertise and contributions are sought in order to develop an impactful submission. 

The Strategy’s vision

Reducing the need to use cars will provide huge benefits for all Londoners. More walking and cycling can make everyone healthier. Older people, the very young, disabled people and those living on lower incomes are most likely to be affected by the problems associated with a car-dependent city, such as poor air quality and road danger.

Therefore, reduced car use will make London fairer. Streets will function more efficiently, with less congestion and pollution. Public transport and essential commercial journeys will run more easily and there will be more space for people. London will grow in a sustainable way, not only improving people’s lives but supporting London’s growing economy, the benefits of which will be felt across the whole of the UK.

For all of these reasons, this new draft transport strategy aims to change the way people choose to travel so that, by 2041, 80% of all Londoners’ trips will be made on foot, by cycle or by public transport. This will be a significant change from today, when only 64% of journeys are made by these healthy, efficient and sustainable forms of transport.

About the strategy

The strategy puts people’s health and quality of life at the very heart of planning the city’s transport. Along with the new London Plan and the Mayor’s other strategies for economic development, the environment, housing, health inequalities and culture, it provides the blueprint for making London a city that is not only home to more people, but is a better place for all of those people to live in.

Transport has the potential to shape London, from the streets Londoners live, work and spend time on, to the Tube, rail and bus services they use every day. By using the Healthy Streets Approach to prioritise human health and experience in planning the city, the Mayor wants to change London’s transport mix so the city works better for everyone.

Three key themes are at the heart of the strategy:

1. Healthy Streets and healthy people:

Creating streets and street networks that encourage walking, cycling and public transport use will reduce car dependency and the health problems it creates

2. A good public transport experience:

Public transport is the most efficient way for people to travel over distances that are too long to walk or cycle, and a shift from private car to public transport could dramatically reduce the number of vehicles on London’s streets.

3. New homes and jobs:

More people than ever want to live and work in London. Planning the city around walking, cycling and public transport use will unlock growth in new areas and ensure that London grows in a way that benefits everyone.

Joint AGI and RGS-IBG response to the draft Mayor’s Transport Strategy: 

I will be coordinating a joint response to this consultation, which has geo at its heart. The objective in responding is to influence transport policy in London and enhance the delivery of the strategy around place (location). Both the AGI and RGS-IBG have the relevant expertise to make an impactful response.

I am seeking the views of the following groups on the draft strategy:



The strategy, along with the evidence base, risk assessment and a list of all the consultation questions are available online on the Mayor of London's website, and also in the AGI's online resources. The consultation questions have been uploaded to the AGI website within in a response template; it would be helpful if you could order your contribution under the specific questions.

I would welcome your views on the draft Transport Strategy and your contributions to a joint AGI/RGS-IBG response by 25th September at the latest.

I will then combine these views and produce a draft response for consideration and approval by the joint  AGI/RGS-IBG Steering Group for public affairs. The Steering Group is next due to meet on 27th September.

Send your contributions to:

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