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At the end of the AGI’s Annual Conference #GeoCom17, Abigail Page, Chair, the AGI, presented two awards: the first, the Chair’s 2017 Award for Outstanding Service to the AGI, and the second, the AGI Award for Career Achievement. 

  • Winner of the AGI Chair’s Award for Outstanding service to the AGI – Rollo Home
  • Winner of the AGI Award for Career Achievement – Diana Murray

In a rapidly-expanding community, the AGI Awards recognise the service; dedication; commitment; and inspiration that defines these individuals as true leaders.

The awards mark significant contributions to the geocommunity and promotion of the use of geographical information. Their purpose is to formally thank recipients for their contributions, publicly celebrate their success, and provide inspiration for others.

  1. The Chair’s Award for Outstanding Service to the AGI – Rollo Home

Abigail Page presented the award, and said, “On behalf of the AGI, the Chair’s Award for Outstanding Service to the Association goes to Rollo Home, for his inspirational leadership and dedication to delivering our events programme over the last 4 years, and as an active volunteer who champions the mission of AGI every single day.”

“Rollo has not only made a significant and remarkable contribution to AGI’s activities, but also inspired, encouraged and mentored others to do likewise. An incredible achievement.

“Like Rollo, many former members of Council continue to be strong advocates and supporters of the Association after serving their 3 year term, but as the recipient of this year’s Award, the extent to which he has done so sets an example to us all.

“As he was coming to the end of his term on Council in 2013, Rollo spearheaded the work to deliver an ambitious proposal that would celebrate the AGI’s 25th anniversary. Alongside the publication of a new Foresight Report, Rollo lead the organisation and delivery of a series of 5 plenary style events – in addition to the annual conference that year. It is one thing to plan this on a flip chart, it is another to be committed and dedicated to lead and see that level of ambition through. He led the programming and vision for 4 one-day conferences with top speakers from industry and the wider world, culminating in a two-day GeoCommunity conference. He set the bar – the events were high quality and inspiring – and then went on to support our AGI members and Groups to deliver a further 5 events the next year, in 2015.

“In 2016, he led a move to create a sharper, more focussed annual event – and not only an event for our members to look outwards – but also to bring those on the edges in to meet us. A format which has been a great success again this year. We are here today at GeoCom17, in 2017, which makes this the 12th conference he has programmed and been at the heart of, in the last 4 years. A remarkable achievement.

“Many people show an interest in their field and get involved in wider activities. It’s rarer to demonstrate true commitment and dedication, putting time and energy in to a task to ensure a successful outcome whatever it takes. Before joining Council, amongst other things, Rollo established the AGI Northern Group. During 3 years on Council contributed to many initiatives and activities – from branding to innovative unconference events. It is not possible to list them all. 

“As AGI Chair – but also as a member – I owe him personal thanks for the real and solid support he has given me. In-between an active family life and his professional career with Ordnance Survey, Rollo has always been generous with his time for AGI – but most importantly, has always been available to support and encourage others to put themselves forward and have a voice too. He is regularly name-checked by colleagues and geo professionals as an inspiring leader and a mentor, and someone who has helped them personally in their own career.


  1. The AGI Award for Career Achievement – Diana Murray

Peter ter Haar, AGI Council, presented the award to Diana, and shared some of the insights that led to Diana’s nomination and accolade:

“Diana Murray is an exceptional leader. She has long been recognised for her support and promotion of access to and use of geographical data, in addition to inspiration and mentorship in the field. Although trained in archaeology, Diana is a geographer in disguise, responsible for bringing geographical information systems to the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) data, and pioneering projects such as Scotland's Places and the Historic Land Use Assessment for Scotland. She has worked in the cultural and historic environment sector for over 40 years.

“Diana was elected as a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland in 1977 and of the Society of Antiquaries of London in 1986, and elected chair of the Institute of Field Archaeologists, the professional body for archaeological practice in Britain from 1995-6. She also set up the Register of Archaeological Organisations, which helps to set and maintain standards for the profession.

“Diana has lectured and published extensively on information systems for archives and the importance of public access to such data, and is a member of the Scottish Government's Spatial Information Board and is passionate about engaging public interest in understanding and enjoying Scotland's rich heritage. She has held many important roles such as an Honorary Fellow of the School of History, Classics and Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh and was for many years a Non-Executive Director of the National Trust for Scotland. She is currently vice chair of the Archaeology Data Service, and is a trustee of Sir Sean Connery's Scottish International Education Trust; the Scottish Waterways Trust; The Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh; Arts and Business Scotland, and the Scottish Seabird Centre. She is also a Member of the Institute of Directors.

“Until 2015 Diana was Chief Executive of the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historic Monuments of Scotland. She then became a senior executive with its successor body, Historic Environment Scotland, and only recently ​retired from this role at end of 2016.

“Diana is an active supporter of the AGI. She most recently spoke to the membership at the AGI Scotland Annual Event in 2016 - where she spoke of the work AGI have done in Scotland through the One Scotland:One Geography work and its influence. She renewed this challenge to the membership to continue to push the development and shape a future vision for GI in Scotland.

Diana's nomination was supported by the AGI Scotland National Group, and AGI Scotland Chair Bruce Gittings delivered his own commendation via video link.

Note: The AGI's Career Achievement award is given to someone who has made a significant long-term contribution to geospatial. It is a prestigious award, respected internationally, and the person receiving it has made a long-lasting impression on the geographic community. Nominations are judged according to the contributions and commitment made to advancing geospatial over a sustained period of time.

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