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The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is delighted to welcome aboard six members newly-elected to serve the AGI’s Council for three years from 1st January 2018.

  • Merryn Henderson
  • Dave Lovell OBE
  • Tim Marston
  • Denise McKenzie
  • Katherine Smyth
  • Alison Wilson (AGI Northern Ireland Representative)

With thanks to everyone who took part in this year’s nomination process, the Council notes that this intake of elected members represents an excellent cross-section of the geographic community. The incoming Council members will join those who continue their term.

Abigail Page, AGI Chair, says, “The outlook for geospatial in the UK and the wider landscape we play in is changing rapidly. We need to act now together to create opportunities to influence that change. I am looking forward to seeing how together we continue to develop as an organisation with the benefit of these new Council members’ collective energy, enthusiasm and wide-ranging experience – and we’re delighted that such a broad segment of our community members has been nominated. I look forward to welcoming them in person at our next AGI Council meeting, in December.”

A brief introduction to the new Council members: 

Merryn Henderson – Merryn is a writer and communications strategist, working nationally and internationally in not only the geospatial industry but also in financial services, across the public and private sector, and as a specialist speechwriter for individuals.

Dave Lovell OBE – Having already been co-opted to the AGI Council for two years, Dave continues his service with the AGI now as an advocate for improved access to national geospatial information, and for the benefits of its use in policy and service delivery.

Tim Marston – Tim is a relative newcomer to the GI industry, but his background in business change, big data, business intelligence and open source software means he’s well versed in bringing GI and analytics together as part of his role of Head of European Partnerships at CARTO.

Denise McKenzie – In her role as the Executive Director, Communication and Outreach for the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Denise is already a veteran of campaigns, projects and initiatives that benefit from collaborative engagement across the geospatial community.

Katherine Smyth – starting her career as a Mapping & Charting Officer at Land & Property Services (LPS), Katherine is now a GI Consultant with LPS, working hands-on, creating maps and apps for Living with Water programmes and an annual Watercourse Maintenance program.

Alison Wilson – engaged in GI development on a daily basis, Alison works across the Northern Ireland Civil Service departments enabling policy and decision makers to make better informed decisions based on geospatial analysis. She is a keen advocate for geospatial and digital data becoming embedded within government at all levels. In addition to joining Council, Alison will also take the role of AGI NI Representative.


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The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is the membership organisation for the UK geospatial industry. The AGI exists to promote the knowledge and use of Geographic Information for the betterment of governance, commerce and the citizen.

The AGI represent the interests of the UK's Geographic Information industry; a wide-ranging group of public and private sector organisations, suppliers of Geographic Information/ geospatial software, hardware, data and services, consultants, academics and interested individuals. The AGI, by way of its unique membership forum, brings together this previously disparate community to share ideas on best practice, experience and innovation, and offers access to unparalleled networking opportunities with significant business benefits. But the AGI also wants to facilitate exposure outside of this community, to the challenges and opportunities which are being or need to be met, which could benefit from a collaborative effort from the industry. As such the AGI acts on behalf of the community as whole. Since its formal inception in 1989, it has built up a significant membership base and established itself as the respected voice in geospatial and is the membership body for everyone with an interest or involvement with geospatial.    

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