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The AGI welcomes the news that a Geospatial Commission will be set up, as announced by The Rt Hon Philip Hammond, MP, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, in the Autumn Budget on Wednesday 22 November 2017.

It is clear that, in the UK, the public and private sector will both benefit from a specific focus on the value of and potential for using the government’s geospatial data more effectively. Location intelligence makes a substantial and significant contribution to society: the need for structured data and importance of geospatial information is finally being recognised.

For a long time, it has been acknowledged that government would benefit from a more collective geospatial focus. Abigail Page, Chair, the AGI, said: “We’re looking forward to working with the new Geospatial Commission, as it develops a forward-thinking strategy for using the government’s location data in support of economic growth.

A Commission that works on behalf of and for its individual departments will benefit the wider public sector and industry as a whole. At the AGI’s annual conference this year, GeoCom, Phil Graham, CEO of the UK’s National Infrastructure Commission stated: “We could save up to a billion pounds in this country, if data was used more effectively,” and David Johnson of the Office of National Statistics’ Data Camp added, “Geo is the key to everything we do…”  

Forward-thinking organizations know that data does not heed artificial boundaries – and that location data is an essential element of accurate and informed decision-making. With a coherent and strategic direction for geospatial data, we can be even more confident of the UK’s position as a driving force in the advancement of location data use cases. And as the opportunities arising from, and intentions of, this new Commission become clearer, we look forward to working with all departments of government, with businesses; and with all of our members, to ensure the UK becomes the most advanced society, through use of better geospatial.

The Association for Geographic Information

The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) is the clear voice of the geospatial industry in the UK: promoting the value of using location in every aspect of work and all walks of life, capitalising on the potential benefits of GI for citizens, good governance, and commerce.

Knowing where things are, in context, is the key to understanding how the world works – and how we can all work together to improve it. The AGI brings location intelligence to life.

We are a forward-thinking organisation with a reputation for connecting innovators in our field with individuals in other disciplines: technology, Big Data, analytics, business development, policy-making, software – all of these things benefit from wider adoption and better use of geospatial information.

We help businesses and individuals tap into other fields of expertise to glean valuable geospatial insights. What’s more, we are a vendor-neutral but progress-positive community: we represent everyone who is working with or would like to work with the UK geospatial industry equally, no matter what their organisation’s size or ambition. Our members get to access advice on data and standards; to share their ideas; find resources, connect with businesses, and network with like-minded and inspiring individuals.

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