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Speakers from the Geospatial Commission and Ordnance Survey joined us today, to talk about the proposals made to date for opening up OS MasterMap.

Abigail Page, AGI Chair, presented the session. As it was an open session, for non-members too, we included a short piece explaining who we are and what our aim is - helping to promote the use of geospatial information in as many ways as possible. Then we handed over to Chris Chambers, an AGI Council member and Geospatial Lead at OS; plus Catherine McGrath and Jamie Clark on behalf of the Geospatial Commission. 

We asked for questions to be submitted prior to the event - and the response showed us there's much to communicate, and a great deal of interest in the workings and the output from the Commission. Questions were also taken throughout the webinar, making it very challenging to cover every aspect of everyone's focus. We'll endeavour to cover off more focused areas of interest in future - and we'll look at the tech from all angles, too (apologies to anyone who didn't catch some of the audio, mid-stream).

Thank you to everyone who submitted a question. Well over 200 people were online with us during the one-hour session. We'll continue to liaise with the Geospatial Commission on behalf of our members, and to represent as many views as we can from the wider community.


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