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Following the nomination process, AGI are pleased to announce that seven candidates have been proposed for Council in 2016. All members are now encouraged to determine  the individuals who will be elected to AGI Council in 2016.

One nomination was received for the reserved AGI Scotland representative on Council and therefore there will be no election held for this place. Congratulations to Abigail Page, CGI (Prop: D Henderson; Sec: H Barron) who is elected as the AGI Council Scotland representative.

A further four (4) places are available for AGI Council and as the number of nominations received exceeds these places an election will now be held.

The six (6) candidates nominated are listed below:

1) Anne Campbell, Northern Ireland Assembly  (Prop: S Wheeler; Sec: R Home)

2) Savania Chinamaringa, Independent (Prop: P Knight; Sec: T Ashelford)

3) James Cutler, Limited (Prop: A Kemp; Sec: S Wheeler)

4) Dave Lovell, Independent (Prop: D Henderson; Sec: E Bee)

5) Elizabeth Murphy, Informed Solutions (Prop: A Harrison; Sec: C Holcroft)

6) Matt Pennells, Harrow Council / MapAction / Be Spatial Ltd (Prop: A Coote; Sec: D Henderson)

Prop = Proposer
Sec = Seconder

The Personal Election Statements of the candidates are available HERE.

How to Vote:
Voting is by electronic ballot for paid up AGI Members. You may vote for up to four candidates. This is now open HERE.

To vote you must be a paid-up, current member of the AGI. You will need to enter your name for verification purposes when voting.  The election will close at Noon on Friday 27th November 2015.

The AGI Team will be carefully checking all votes received to ensure that they are valid, unspoiled and are not duplicated.

Please take the time to vote in the AGI Council Election. This has been made easier than ever for the convenience of AGI members and gives you the chance to select those candidates who you think can best serve and help shape the AGI.


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