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The ECN webinar - which took place on 10th Feb 2016 - was the first of two parts looking at Cartography and Cartographic Design, and covered Design Principles and map critique, amongst other topics. The link to the webinar is available.

Andy Murdock of APMGeo and the lead for the AGI ECN group facilitated the webinar, where the main speakers were Charley Glynn and Paul Naylor, who are both Cartographic Design Consultants at Ordnance Survey. They specialise in the design of new products and services and the promotion of good map design. You can find out more about them here.

Webinar content:

  • Why good cartography is important
  • Cartographic Design Principles
  • Sources of map inspiration
  • Cartographic technologies
  • Open source and open data: what does it mean for cartography?
  • Map critique
  • Tips and tricks
  • Plus time for questions from the audience


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