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Early Careers Network 3D

In mid July, an AGI Early Careers Network event for the South West region was held in Bristol. Attendees travelled from as far as Cardiff and Reading to hear guest speaker Charlton Bland, Geomatics Consultant at Atkins, give an informative and engaging presentation on UAV technologies and their use in engineering and design projects.

The event also provided the chance to network with other professionals over refreshments. This event was the first of its kind to be held in the South West for students and young professionals who are members of the AGI.

Charlton spoke knowledgably about the wide variety of UAVs that are used in industry, and the key differences between their specifications and resulting uses in industry. He also provided examples of project data that his team has been working on over the past months.


3-dimensional rendered image of a quarry survey carried out by UAV.


Graphically enhanced 3D image of the quarry to display information tags;

GIS mapping to visualise flooding scenarios.

Through presentation slides and videos he demonstrated animations of the 3D data collected, the capabilities of the photogrammetry software used by his team, as well as 3D visualisations that can be created from the UAV imagery and processed by the graphic design team. For example, proposed 3D designs or information labels can be superimposed on the visual product to be viewed on a screen or in virtual reality using a tablet or smartphone, useful for site orientation or desk based study. In addition, Charlton provided examples of how the data can be imported into GIS software to perform visibility or flooding analysis on the data.

We are very grateful to Charlton for giving up his time to attend the event and share his expertise with such engaging enthusiasm.  

Thanks to Sarah Doughty, GIS Consultant at Atkins, for writing up this report.


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