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Somewhat lighter on news than usual due to the summer
exodus, here's an overview of what's been happening over
the last month:

The AGI's East of England seminar recently held in Cambridge
explored the implications of Big Data and you can see more
about it here

East of England seminar in Cambridge on 19th July 2016

Equally interesting and also well attended was the ECN Bristol
event about using UAV technologies, which Sarah Doughty of
Atkins has kindly written about.

James Cutler, who is on AGI Council and is CEO of emapsite,
had an article published in early July in Geospatial World
talking about 'Future cities, smart cities and BIM' and in it he
referenced The AGI Foresight Report 2020.

Talking of BIM, we are official supporters of the sixth annual
ICE BIM conference, taking place on 19 October 2016 in
London. ‘Implementing Digital Excellence’ will provide built
environment professionals a unique forum for the discussion
of the latest developments, as well as informed debate. The
programme features panel discussions, six workshops and
knowledge sharing sessions: AGI members can benefit from a discounted registration rate - details to be advised.

As we're keen to improve the Insights section of our
website, if you have any topical and relevant articles which
you'd like to share, we'd be happy to publish them, so please
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Don't forget that if you're looking for a job, you can see what
is available on our Find a Job page, as we update it with our
corporate members' opportunities as and when we are given

Finally, if you're in Belfast this August, you're welcome to
attend the AGI NI Summmer BBQ which is an annual fixture
in the calendar now! Relax over a few beers and catch up
with friends.

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AGI NI BBQ, 24th Aug

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"By 2020, it will not be unusual
to have geolocated sensors feeding
live information for live decision
making in a variety of urban situations.
We should also have a better evidence base for decision making, whether at
the planning or operational level."

"Train stations themselves will be able
to manage the flow of trains into and out
of the station, the flow of cars and the
flow of people into, through and out of
the station, through retail
outlets, car parks and pick-up points."

"By 2020, they observe that the 5G
generation of cellular technology should
be available bringing major leaps forward
in power, functionality and data access required for the Internet of Things."

Excerpts above from section 4:
Innovative Technologies (p27-32)

The AGI Foresight Report 2020



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