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The call for nominations for AGI Council 2017 is open, however all nominations must be received by Friday 25th November 2016. Details of the nomination process and where to find out more information are available below.


"Our members are the heart of the AGI. AGI Council is made up of members, like you, who put themselves forward to represent the diversity of our membership, provide strategic direction to our organisation and act as ambassadors for the value of geospatial information and the geospatial industry in the UK.

The AGI, like many membership organisations, is operating in a very different climate to when we were established 27 years ago. The way in which we engage, communicate and interact with one another has changed; all parts of our industry are experiencing both the opportunities and challenges associated with an increased range of technical, social and political disruption; and at the same time, the resultant demand for AGI to serve the needs of its members in different ways is highly apparent.
In 2017, AGI will maintain an important role at the heart of the UK Geospatial community while continuing to reach out and develop new opportunities. Building on the sustained investments of the last few years, AGI Council in 2017 will play a pivotal role in leading and shaping the next stages of our transition and we invite you to put yourself forward to play a part in that future.

A position on AGI Council is sometimes challenging and will require commitment and enthusiasm, but the opportunity to work with a fantastic team of technical and business leaders from across our industry offers both personal and collective rewards. If you would like any further information on Council nominations and our plans for 2017 please contact our AGI Honorary Secretary  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or any member of AGI Council, and we would be delighted to discuss this with you. "

David Henderson, AGI Chair 2016

Election details:

Four places will become vacant on AGI Council at the end of 2016. One post is reserved for nominations to represent Northern Ireland and one is reserved to represent Wales, to be voted for by members from those countries. All other places will be open to contest by election by the full membership if the number of nominations received exceeds the number of places available.

Those AGI Council members whose terms have ended or will end this year are as follows, the members entitled to re-election are marked with * :

Ian Coady*

David Roberts

Simon Wheeler (resigned)

Mike Saunt (resigned)

Council consists of 15 places and the number of places this year that are vacant is less than the number of terms ending in order to maintain a Council of 15 members.

AGI now welcomes nominations from any paid-up AGI member interested in standing for AGI Council. The period of service is for 3 years starting from 1st January 2017.  All those members who are interested in standing are recommended to attend our AGI AGM on 22nd November at 4pm in RGS-IBG.

Background information about AGI, the Council Role Description and Person Specification is available HERE. If you are in full-time employment, it is important that you and your employer understand and consider this commitment fully. Council Members contribute on average 1-2 days per month to fulfil the role.

The Nomination Form is simple to complete and available HERE. Each nominee needs a proposer and seconder, this can be any existing AGI member. If you are having trouble finding a proposer and seconder, please contact a member of Council or the AGI Team for assistance. Also required is a short 350 word (maximum) supporting statement written by the nominee.

The closing date for the receipt of completed Nomination Forms is Friday 25th November 2016.  Please return your completed form to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If we receive more nominations than there are places then there will be an election, and this will be held from Monday 27th November until noon on Friday 9th December 2016.


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