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In addition to being Chief Editor of the AGI Foresight Report 2020, Dr Anne Kemp has had an article published recently in The 2016 National BIM Report with the AGI Foresight Report having due prominence in it, which is a sure sign of the importance of geospatial in the field now.

Dr Anne Kemp is an Atkins Director and Fellow of BIM, Geospatial and Digital Engineering Vice Chair of buildingSMART UKI; Convenor of ISO 19650; Chair of ICE’s BIM Action Group; Chair of BIM4Infrastructure; and a Director of AGI.

Her article in The 2016 National BIM Report is on page 4, entitled 'BIM – the wider landscape of infrastructure, and the convergence with geospatial'.

As with all of Anne's work, you will find an abundance of insights in it.  The Sunday Times obviously thinks so too!




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