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AGI Northern Ireland

The AGI NI Beginners Python workshop will be  an informal introduction to Python and ESRI’s python module ArcPy. The first half of the workshop will concentrate on the fundamentals and idiosyncrasies of Python in general, whilst the second half will cater specifically for those interested in ArcPy. The workshop will be a mash of theory and live demonstration/programming. Given the informality of the workshop, audience participation will be strongly encouraged. By the end of the workshop you will have acquired the knowledge to develop your own basic Python scripts. The workshop notes will provide a solid foundation by which participants can build their own knowledge and skills with Python.

Whilst we will be using Python via ArcGIS, much of the learning will be applicable to other Python compilers and some advice can be given on this.

Participants are not required to bring their own devices as PC’s with appropriate software will be provided. There will be tea and coffee available, though please note that as the majority of the Ulster University, Jordanstown Campus will be closed please bring your own lunch provisions.

Location – Ulster University, Jordanstown Campus

Date – Saturday 21st March 

Arrival: 9am 

Start: 9.30am

Finish: 4pm

AGI members only (includes non-named members of a corporate)

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