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System Suppliers

The Government is trying to make it easier for public sector organisations to buy from SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). With this in mind, the latest iteration of G-Cloud is now open for SMEs to submit their cloud-based services. Submissions will be verified and if successful be included in the G-Cloud framework, published as a catalogue on the Digital Marketplace website.

Following feedback, this process has been simplified to make it quicker and easier for businesses to apply. As with previous iterations, it is understood that there is no limit on the number of successful applications – the aim is to provide public sector organisations with choice and to make it easier for them to procure cloud-based services (without having to run a full tender).

At the time of writing, the deadline for submissions is 15:00 BST on 6th October 2015. Further information can be found on the Digital Marketplace website, here:

Additionally, if you are a supplier and would like to learn more about G-Cloud and related topics, please get in touch with the Systems and Service Suppliers’ Special Interest Group (SIG).


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