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Benefit from the new Copernicus Accelerator and submit before 25th July

14th July 2016

Using space technology down on earth is not rocket science! There are thousands of ways to use Earth observation data in our everyday life - from disaster prevention and agriculture to transport, environment, energy, water and healthcare. Join the Copernicus Masters and become part of the success story.


Local Public Services

15th June 2015

Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service to use GIS-based Workload Modelling Application from Cadcorp

STEVENAGE, United Kingdom, June 10 2015 – Building on the successful deployment of a corporate geographic information system (GIS), Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) is to deploy a resource planning tool from the same software developer – Cadcorp.  Workload Modeller will complement existing resource planning systems used in GMFRS by focusing specifically on the geographic dimension of business intelligence.

Paul Sharples, Head of Intelligence & Knowledge in the GMFRS Corporate Planning and Intelligence Directorate, explained the drivers for acquiring Workload Modeller, “Like all fire services, GMFRS is under pressure to use its assets as effectively as it can, saving money, time, and lives. This means having a better understanding of the location of our resources in relation to the geographic distribution of risks. The same geographic data that powers our corporate GIS, and supports a range of business processes, is the same geographic data that we need for risk modelling and resource planning. Since Cadcorp Workload Modeller is built upon a GIS engine, it is well-suited to handle this data, and adept at producing informative maps and tables as output from resource modelling exercises.”


Local Public Services

15th June 2015

Glenn Dobson and Pauline Clifford Presented with Peer Award at GeoPlace Exemplar Awards

Glenn Dobson, Team Manager Business and Information Systems Operations at Hull City Council and Pauline Clifford, Mapping & Geographic Information Coordinator at Reigate & Banstead Borough Council have been jointly awarded the Peer Award at the 2015 GeoPlace Exemplar Awards.

Recipients of the Award are nominated by their colleagues across England and Wales, and rewards those who have made a significant contribution to the Address and/or Streets data community. 

The Award was presented at the GeoPlace annual conference and presentation of the Exemplar Awards 2015 which celebrate excellence in service delivery enabled through local government address and street information.

GeoPlace is the centre of excellence for the management of spatial address information and street data for Great Britain, and manages the National Street Gazetteer (NSG) which contains information about streets from every local authority in England and Wales. 

In presenting the Award, Richard Mason, Managing Director of GeoPlace thanked Glenn for his “enormous contribution to our community over many years”.  Richard also said that “Glenn has chaired the Yorkshire and Humber LSG Regional Custodians since August 2006 and his region is consistently one of the best performing regions within the country.”

“For 8 of the 9 years he has also been the Chair of the Regional Chairs group representing the street gazetteers community at a national level and has been involved in a number of national projects representing the gazetteer community.   Glenn is a strong supporter of the gazetteers process and has worked tirelessly in improving the national dataset which GeoPlace manages on the LA’s behalf, he is always happy to assist and advise anyone in improving their gazetteers. His depth of knowledge on any aspect gazetteers documentation is immense”.

Richard concluded the presentation to Glenn by saying “The whole community owes Glenn a debt of gratitude due to the hard work and effort he has put into improving the Gazetteers over the previous 9 years, and we hope that this award will go some way to show Glenn how vital his contribution has been in making the gazetteers what they are today.”

In presenting the Award to Pauline, Richard Mason said; “Pauline is a highly valued member of the NLPG Data Entry Conventions Technical Working Group. She is a reliable and dedicated long standing member of the group and has for many years provided valuable input into discussions around the Data Entry Conventions for LLPG officers. She brings humour and insight to a sometimes dry and murky subject matter.”

“Pauline has been there right from the beginning and has been the ‘Surrey’ representative on the DEC working group and the Chairs group for a number of years. We certainly wouldn’t have the standards across the county that we have without her input and we’ve continued to rely on her over the years to organise and host meetings, put our point across to the powers that be, and to be a fountain of knowledge on the data and on the systems that a lot of us are using.”

GeoPlace is a limited liability partnership jointly owned by the Local Government Association and Ordnance Survey.  It is the centre of excellence for spatial address and street information in Great Britain. GeoPlace is responsible for compiling and maintaining the National Address Gazetteer infrastructure and the National Street Gazetteer (NSG).


Local Public Services

31st July 2014

Local Public Services

Local Public Services are those organisations you deal with every day, often without realising. They encompass everything from your local authority and health, to parish and volunteer organisations, via emergency services. It's a wide brief, but we all need to know what's happening where to try to help people live a long, healthy and happy life if at all possible.

The committee is a small group of volunteers who have regular phone meetings to see what GI issues we are all facing in order to feed back to AGI central, or other relevant organisations and their consultations. 

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