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G-Cloud 7 is open for submissions

System Suppliers

G-Cloud 7 is open for submissions

4th September 2015

The Government is trying to make it easier for public sector organisations to buy from SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises). With this in mind, the latest iteration of G-Cloud is now open for SMEs to submit their cloud-based services. Submissions will be verified and if successful be included in the G-Cloud framework, published as a catalogue on the Digital Marketplace website.

Following feedback, this process has been simplified to make it quicker and easier for businesses to apply. As with previous iterations, it is understood that there is no limit on the number of successful applications – the aim is to provide public sector organisations with choice and to make it easier for them to procure cloud-based services (without having to run a full tender).


System Suppliers

31st July 2014

Systems and Service Suppliers

The Systems and Service Suppliers’ Special Interest Group (SIG) is run by volunteers from AGI corporate members for the mutual benefit of the AGI supplier community as a whole.

The SIG welcomes members from across the commercial GEO community, including data, hardware, software and service suppliers. By working together in a collaborative way the group aims to offer members the following benefits:

  • A strong collective, professional voice in response to important industry issues
  • The opportunity to influence and contribute to the planning of future AGI events
  • Connections with AGI Council and other Special Interest Groups
  • Opportunities to jointly participate in an AGI pavilion at other exhibitions
  • Influence the future priorities of the group
  • Formal and informal networking opportunities

Communication within the SIG is usually made using the LinkedIn group or by email, with occasional conference calls and physical meetings as required. Discussions are often conducted under ‘Chatham House’ rules to respect commercial sensitivities and encourage an open exchange of views. Please feel free to join us if you think you could benefit. Opportunities to join the SIG committee are also available.

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To get more involved, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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