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Open Data Usability Workshop Review

Technical Open

Open Data Usability Workshop Review

2nd August 2015

The fourth meeting of the new UK Open Geospatial Standards Forum was held at The Urban Innovation Centre in London on Tuesday 21st April 2015.  The topic up for discussion at this forum was the usability of Open Geo Data and included a guest speaker from the Open Data Institute.



31st July 2014


The Technical Special Interest Group (TechSIG) of the AGI strives to provide a forum and community for the technically minded within the AGI.

The aims of the Technical SIG are:

  • to keep AGI members up-to-date by providing events, talks, and presentations on geospatial and technical  matters.
  • to act as a forum for developing technical awareness of geospatial technologies and concepts.

It's often hard to keep up with the latest trends and themes affecting the geospatial industry as technology, software and data needs are changing so rapidly. This SIG aims to provide you with information on what's happening in the geospatial industry.

Recent discussions in the Technical SIG have covered Linked Data, Open-Source, Interoperability and Augmented Reality. Other topics for the future might include Open Data, HTML5, web mapping etc. No subject is too small and if you have any ideas for future events please contact us below, or post to the AGI Technical SIG BaseCamp forum (to register for the forum contact Daniel Rex This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

The Technical SIG is coordinated by a small committee comprising members from public and private organisations.

You can follow AGI Technical SIG on Twitter at @AGITechSIG

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