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Success depends on collaboration

With so much at stake, it is vitally important that a far-reaching geospatial strategy for the UK is built on the strongest possible foundations. The task at hand is substantial and the potential benefits for our members – for us all – is immense.

The AGI is pleased to see the Geospatial Commission’s collaborative approach, gathering as many detailed insights as it can from the widest possible audience. We understand that the recently-announced consultation poses general questions in three main areas, and that the answers will feed into a work plan shaping a multi-year strategy:

  • Supporting innovation in the geospatial sector, exploring how to secure cutting edge skills, the right access to data, and opportunities from emerging technologies for the geospatial sector itself;
  • Enhancing the UK’s geospatial assets, looking at how best to align interests, avoid duplication, and instil best practice across the whole public sector;
  • Driving investment and productivity in geospatial applications, asking in which wider sectors the most value lies from better exploitation and use of geospatial data, in the UK and internationally 

We’ll be encouraging our members to consider what they’d like to see, and how their views can play a part in this initiative. It’s in everyone’s interest to provide feedback that keeps the spotlight on the latent potential in our nation’s geospatial assets; helping to improve skills, focusing on opportunities for emerging talent; highlighting the need for more investment in innovation throughout our sector.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll announce activities to support the consultation. This is a valuable opportunity for our members, and of course the AGI itself will be providing a consolidated, considered response to the Commission’s invitation.

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