The Association for Geographic Information (AGI) welcomes the UK Geospatial Strategy 2020-2025: Unlocking the power of location

The AGI was established more than 30 years ago following the Chorley Report recommendations highlighting the need for greater national coordination on the use of geospatial information. The creation of the Geospatial Commission and now the UK Geospatial Strategy demonstrate the incredible evolution that our geospatial community has journeyed through in the past three decades.

The AGI is proud to be highlighted in this strategy, celebrating the work of our Early Careers Network and our members’ long-standing history in developing geospatial standards. We recognise the responsibility we have to support our UK geospatial community through early career development, skills, standards, ethics, business development, market understanding and to connect with the broader international geospatial community. This coupled with the commitment shown to a broad range of industry domains and implementation of the UN Integrated Geospatial Information Framework highlight the synergy this strategy has with our own mission: to be a thriving UK geospatial community, actively supporting a sustainable future.

We are pleased to see that the excellent work achieved in the National Underground Asset Register pilots will advance to a second stage, and the commitment to collaborate with local government and Devolved Administrations on standards, principles and guidance. We will continue to support the Commission in the ongoing work for the Geospatial Data Market and Skills Demand Studies and look forward to engaging with the skills forum, innovation programme and the guidance to unlock value from sensitive location data.

Denise McKenzie, Chair of the AGI Council said:

“As we embrace the use of technology in our urban and rural planning, grappling with global pandemics and climate change at an unprecedented scale, the need for timely and quality location data and the skills of our community in helping deliver the essential on-going data stewardship has never been greater.

The UK Geospatial Strategy provides a solid foundation and framework for how we, as a community of geospatial professionals, can work together tackling challenges and maximising the benefits of location data.

I look forward to seeing the future digital world that this strategy will help to create, and to working with the commission and our whole UK geospatial community to realise these critical goals.” 

The strategy has laid the foundation of a national location data framework that will support our community as we progress into the future. In order to achieve the four mission areas of the strategy our UK geospatial community will need to work together in collaboration, and the AGI is committed to working in partnership and supporting the activities needed to realise a better future with the power of location data.

The UK Geospatial Strategy can be found at:

The AGI will be holding member events over the coming weeks to explore the opportunities and to understand how we can best support the new strategy. More information on AGI membership can be found at


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